< Despre Orchestra Națională Radio

„The homogeneousness and the technique of the ensemble, the passion they are playing with has determined a deep and unforgettable impression”
Riga, Sovetskaia Latvia

„The orchestra has introduced itself as a very good one. Her vigorous and sublime Tutti, and generally the strained moments are full of temperament; the orchestra is excellent”
Praga, Rude Pravo

„The accuracy, perfect tune, sound (sonorousness) clarity, supple performance, […] has been materialized in a revealed relation of artistic purpose”
Praga, Sc. Tin.

„The way of playing has reached a peak of dynamic variety of the balanced sound between the groups of instruments – brass section being excellent – of the rhythmic accuracy, but not decreasing for less than a second the sovereign control of the orchestral technique over the phrase force”
Offenbach, Abendpost

„Romanians are an orchestra that due to the tournaments all over the world. Have obtained a flexible routine, and through their radio activity, they got used to a stylistic maturity and to a flexible way of playing the great international repertoire”
Bielefeld, Westfallen Blatt

„This orchestra is trained for a perfect sound for the glare and precision of the details, perfect technique; it has outstanding soloist at the primarily desks (horn, oboe, clarinet, trumpet) able to produce a graceful and polished sound”
Bonn, General Anzeiger

„Pliant orchestra, with intelligent reactions, excellent made up according to the sound point of view, an orchestra received by the audience with uncommon friendly applause”
Duisburg, Westdeutsche Allegemeine Zeitung

„An orchestra of such a quality can be listened only in great concert halls. The audience has rewarded it for a long time applause”
Trossingen, Trossinger Zeitung

„The orchestra well-schooled and flexible at the same time has shown off the asymmetrical specter of the rhythms and an uncommon instrumental brilliance, transparent and full of strain”
Frankfurt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

„In the 2nd Symphony in A major by George Enescu, Romanians have been in a great shape. They have merely sparkled, and the audience was here ravished into minify gardens, and there drowned into the deepest tragism. The orchestra has reproduced with an incredible strength of expression the sense of the Enescu’s sound images”
Trossingen, Schwartzwalder Bote

„On the Ravel programme the National Radio Orchestra has well answered the conductors requires on the demands of trifling distribution of the dynamic scale and also on the sophisticated timbral relationship, in the balancing phrase”
Actualitatea muzicala, nr.139

„The Romanian National Radio Orchestra on this evidence is a well drilled band and they relish these works which in places are quite formidable”
London CD Review